These were my students in Spring 2013. They were born in 1991/1992. The song in the background was born around the same time (1992). They shot this last night during our final class session together. Camera: ARRI Alexa Lens: ARRI/FUJINON Alura 30-80/T2.8 Gamma: Loc C (shown with no color correction applied) Special Thanks: Guenter E. Noesner from Arri

Ikonoskop Panchromatic Student Portraits

Ikonoskop recently sent me their very rare Panchromatic A-Cam DII. I brought it in to show my cinematography students at NYU and they shot this fun video.

I teach a class at NYU called "Electronic Cinematography." We have a lot of fun shooting throughout the semester. Here is a sampling of some of their test shoots. Ikonoskop generously provided our class with their amazing A-Cam DII Panchromatic, which created all the black and white clips. Other assorted clips are from the Red One MX, Phantom Gold and Arri Alexa.

My Students // Spring 2012

I teach a class at NYU called "Electronic Cinematography." The only parameter NYU gave me when I took the gig was that I am not allowed to let my students shoot film in class. So on the last day of class, my students shot some leftover film I had in my fridge. As a tribute also to Pac Lab, who long serviced NYU students, we shot Super 16mm reversal and had Pac Lab handle the processing, prep and transfer to miniDV tape. I paid for all of it myself for the love of film. I messed up the setup of the variable speed control at the end, so what was meant to be slow motion 48 fps was actually exposed at fast motion 4.8 fps (and is blown out). Sorry about that. Still, it's a fun time. Remember these faces. Some of them are going to be very, very good in the freelance world.