Canon Cinema Prime 35mm

The 35mm is in! I now own 4 beautiful Canon Cinema Prime lenses in my favorite range of 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm!


This is the camera I learned to shoot on. Now, thanks to NYU, it's mine to keep!

Ikonoskop Panchromatic Student Portraits

Ikonoskop recently sent me their very rare Panchromatic A-Cam DII. I brought it in to show my cinematography students at NYU and they shot this fun video.

I teach a class at NYU called "Electronic Cinematography." We have a lot of fun shooting throughout the semester. Here is a sampling of some of their test shoots. Ikonoskop generously provided our class with their amazing A-Cam DII Panchromatic, which created all the black and white clips. Other assorted clips are from the Red One MX, Phantom Gold and Arri Alexa.

Canon Cinema Primes

Canon USA sent me a set of their brand new cinema primes to use on the production of Mad Tiger! The film is shot entirely on their Cinema EOS C300. You can see it pictured here with my custom built Ergocine rig!


I just picked up my favorite interview microphone in the world! Schoeps CMC6 with MK41 capsule and CUT 1. This is going to make Mad Tiger sound better than ever!