MAD TIGER media coverage in Japan, France, and Germany

Mad Tiger has had a very busy month as the film has begun to spread internationally! We were on the morning news in Japan courtesy of NHK!

aired on NHK BS-1 on June 3, 2016

ARTE also released French and German versions of their coverage of our NYC premiere! Play it to hear me dubbed for the first time!

Dans le monde idéal de Kengo Hioki, sa garde robe est jaune, les brocolis sont interdits et on ne mange que des tacos.

Die Traumwelt von Kengo Hioki sieht so aus: Er trägt gelbe Kleidung, Brokkoli ist verboten und alle essen Tacos.

MAD TIGER theatrical release expanded

COLUMBUS, OH: March 31 through April 6
LOS ANGELES, CA: April 8 through April 21
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: April 14 & April 18
PORTLAND, OR: April 15
SANTA ANA, CA: April 15 through April 21
DENVER, CO: April 23
KANSAS CITY, MO: April 27 through May 7
NEW YORK, NY: May 6 through May 12
PITTSBURGH, PA: May 6 through May 13
BALTIMORE, MD: May 6 & May 8
SEATTLE, WA: May 13 through May 19

More details and tickets



First batch of MAD TIGER theatrical screenings announced!

Thanks in part to our sold-out midnight screening at IFC Center, our movie is going to be in theaters! Thanks to everyone who came out (some even flew out) and stayed up late to watch our movie last November in NYC. It means a lot to us.

Right now we have a great and diverse list of confirmed cities. More cities to be added soon.

Keene, NH: February 26 through March 2
Durango, CO: March 2 & March 5
Osaka, JAPAN: March 5 & March 12
Salem, MA: March 6
San Francisco, CA: March 11 & March 19 & April 9
Austin, TX: March 20
Dallas, TX: March 24
New Orleans, LA: March 25 through March 27
Columbus, OH: April 1
Minneapolis, MN: April 7 through April 23
Portland, OR: April 15
Kansas City, MO: April 27 through May 7
Baltimore, MD: May 6 & May 8
Pittsburgh, PA: May 6 through May 13
Seattle, WA: May 13 through May 19

More details and tickets are available here! Michael Haertlein and/or I will be in attendance at some screenings. Info is up on our website, so you can either plan to high five us or go on a day we won't be around if you don't want to do a "stop and chat." Either way, I hope we reach your hometown. More screenings will be announced shortly. Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to get the most up-to-date screening information. If these screenings are successful, we might expand to more cities. Please email us with a city request if you have one. Hope to see you on the road!